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Grave Markers & Monuments

Monuments and markers memorialize your loved ones. Types of monuments and markers permitted will differ among our cemeteries. Generally, there are three types of markers used:

  • Upright monuments/headstones
  • Slant markers
  • Flat bronze markers

Designing or selecting a monument can be overwhelming as there are a multitude of options available. If you would like the help of one of our family advisors, contact our office.

Granite Monuments

Our Grave Stones are Made in Vermont.

For granite monuments or headstones, here are just a few decisions you will need to make:

  • The color of the stone
  • The size of the stone
  • Should the finish be polished, if so, on all sides or just some? What shape do you want on the top of the stone? How about the base?

If you have never ordered a stone, these options can be overwhelming. Our family advisors are here to guide you through the entire process. We will help you design your monument, submit the order, and provide you with proof of your monument to approve before the actual work on the stone begins. We don’t stop there; we monitor your order for delivery and installation and keep you informed every step of the way.

See gravestone design examples

Bronze Flat Markers

We do the same for our locations which use the bronze flat markers. While there may not be as many options with a flat marker you will still receive our guidance and expertise to ensure your marker properly memorializes your family member.

Veteran Markers

Markers are made available by the Veteran’s Administration (VA) and are permitted in our cemeteries. Families apply for a marker directly through the VA and often a funeral home will assist in the process. Blank forms can be downloaded from: Additional information on burial and memorial rights for veterans can be found at:

Bronze Medallions

Bronze medallions are a way to give special recognition to members of the armed forces and first responders. They are pre-defined by the branch of service or type of first responder and may not be customized. For a Veteran Medallion contact the VA within 1 year of death.

First Responder medallions can be ordered from our Family Advisors.