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Cremain Services

cremation urn and memoriesSince 1963 the Catholic Church has allowed cremation which is the process of using fire and heat to reduce the body of the deceased to its basic elements. Your loved one’s cremated remains (cremains) can then be buried (interred) in the sacred ground of a Catholic Cemetery in the grave of an existing family member.

Keep cremains safe with a cremation vaultA single grave with one full casket burial can accommodate the interment of two created remains and a single grave with no casket can accommodate three created remains. The cremains for each family member must be placed in an urn which is then placed in a small vault for burial. Some of our cemeteries will soon offer community cremation gardens and walls where cremains can be interned in the ground with a marker for the deceased.

Many of our cemeteries have community mausoleums that offer niche spaces for urns containing cremains. Niche spaces can have a marble slab front (shutter front) containing the name, birth and death date years of the deceased. Some niche spaces have a glass front and are lighted to display items that were important to the deceased such as rosary beads, wedding/family pictures and hobby souvenirs.

Community columbariums are primarily outdoor structures with niche spaces and marble slab covers (shutter fronts) which contain the deceased member’s name, birth, and death years. Many of our cemeteries offer this burial option for your consideration.
If you are interested in learning more about cremation or want to schedule one, we recommend contacting our partners at the Nutmeg State Cremation Society. Their contact information is:

Thomas Gallagher
104 Myrtle Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902

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