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In Ground Burial
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In Ground Burial (Interment)

Part of our expression of faith as Catholics is our hope in the Resurrection on the last day. In expectation of that hope, we bury our dead in the sacred ground of a Catholic cemetery. From its earliest days, the Church has set aside and blessed cemeteries for this purpose. Since our founding in 1953, the Bridgeport Diocese has continued our sacred burial practice. Today there are 9 active cemeteries established throughout Fairfield County serving our Catholic faithful.

Most people are familiar with in-ground burials where a plot (grave) is purchased in a cemetery, a vault is lowered into the grave, and the casket (coffin) is placed in the vault and covered. A memorial marker or monument can be purchased and placed at the gravesite to honor the deceased family member. A “Family” plot consisting of multiple graves can be purchased in advance of someone’s death for your legacy planning purposes which will insure that your family remains together for eternity.

Casket for in-ground burialIf you use the services of a funeral home, they can arrange the wake, the casket purchase, transportation, schedule the funeral mass with your parish, and notify us of your burial needs and timing. Prior to the burial, we will need to meet with someone from your family at the cemetery to purchase a plot or confirm an existing family plot and identify where the deceased will be placed in the plot and sign several forms that we will prepare.

Family Estate

custom family burial estateOur family estates offer custom-designed burial plots that enable families to build lasting tributes for generations to come.