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Memorial Portraits

Portraits: A wonderful way to memorialize your loved one

We work with Paradise Pictures, one of the most respected portrait companies in the country. Paradise’s “unique double coat porcelain enamel process” and talented art department ensure your memorial portrait will be exactly what you expect if not more. Paradise Pictures provides a lifetime guarantee of quality and craftsmanship. “If you ever have a problem with your memorial portrait, including vandalism or other cemetery damage, Paradise Pictures will make a replacement portrait free of charge”. 

memorial portrait exampleThe size of the portrait may be restricted by the interment location within our community mausoleums. For outdoor memorials, the size may be customized. Portraits can be done in black and white or in color. Other options for portraits include vertical or horizontal positioning as well as full or half subject and more. There are 16 background options from which to select.

Simply provide a photo (digital preferred) to your Family Advisor and customize the portrait of your choice to memorialize your loved one.