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Fairfield County Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Bridgeport

June 9, 2024

“God’s direction is our protection.”

1950 Dunkin DonutsNever doubt that God is always at work in your life … not just your life, but in everyone’s life. He doesn’t discriminate. And his love is personal. He’s intimately familiar with your struggles and trials, and those of the billions of others throughout history. That means his love isn’t like Social Security or the match on your company’s 401(k). It’s tailored to your needs and life, especially when you’re grieving.

While God is always there for you — watching, listening and waiting for you to acknowledge him — he also reaches out in unexpected ways that will leave you amazed. After all, he is God, which means to say he has ALL the answers to all the questions.

Consider the story of one of the greatest modern Christian apologists, C.S. Lewis, who was an atheist in his early years. In his autobiography, “Surprised by Joy,” he recounts those occasions when Heaven seemed to break through his intellectual haze with opportunities for joy that pointed to God.

That’s how God works in all our lives. Consider George’s story:

“I have something to share with you. About three weeks ago, I went to the Dunkin coffee shop in town, and on the way out in the windbreak, before you get outside, I saw a small 2×2-inch slip of paper on the floor with the words ‘God’s direction is our protection’ on it. Today, I was at the same place, and when I left, outside against the building, I saw the same paper again, reminding me that ‘God’s direction is our protection.’ It makes me wonder how that could happen, especially when we had that terrible wind and rainstorm. Maybe I needed to be reminded so I could pass it on.”

Watch for those messages and reminders, and share them with others.


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