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June 1, 2024

Fr. Jim Sullivan, rector of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, began his homily talking about patience — or lack of it. He said the occasions are many to exercise patience: Waiting at the light for someone to move, waiting for someone to finish primping in the bathroom so you can leave, waiting for the concert to begin, waiting for …. The countless occasions during the day when we want to hurry things up and get moving. Then, he recounted a pilgrimage he made several years ago to Ireland with 40 parishioners. While they were at a country church, the 86-year-old pastor asked Father if he wanted to celebrate Mass and deliver the homily. He did. Later in the sacristy, the old-timer joked that Father had gone on too long. Father looked at his watch. Thirty-two minutes. Around there, the older priest told him, 23 minutes is the standard for a Mass.

PatienceFather Jim recalled what his father had often said about a common attitude toward Sunday Mass: “We’re here to get out of here … so we can get back to what we weren’t doing.”

Then Father said, “There’s joy in waiting in silence. In the spiritual life, there is a joy in the wait.”

God always gives us lessons in patience. He’s never in a hurry, and he seldom answers our prayers immediately. If we have patience, our attitude toward Mass changes from “I have to be here” to “I want to be here.”

The same lesson applies to our healing journey. It takes time to heal, and healing can’t be hurried. During the journey, we’re growing spiritually in many unexpected ways.


“Lord, help me to be more patient and wait with eager anticipation … and appreciate the miracles along the way.”

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