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May 16, 2024

“A mourner is, perforce, a person with a story. The pity is how very rarely it gets told.”
— Christian McEwen

Tell your grief storyAfter a death, so many people avoid telling the story of their grief. They can sense when people are only listening out of obligation and are uncomfortable. Nobody wants to talk about death, and talking with someone who has experienced loss firsthand is a troubling experience for most people. As a result, people who mourn find it easier not to talk at all.

The other situation they want to avoid is pouring out their hearts to someone, only to be met with bromides, such as “She’s in a better place” or “This too shall pass” or “Give it time.” While all these sayings may ultimately be true, it is disconcerting to have someone respond like that when your primary concern is to share your pain.

As writer Christian McEwen says, “The pity is how very rarely it gets told.”

A story about grief is a moving story about confronting loss — one of the greatest challenges we will encounter in this life. It is a story about love, it is a story about what truly matters in our lives. Be sure to tell your story. There are those who will listen with compassion and sympathy … even if their first response is to offer advice you don’t want to hear. Forgive them and tell them your story anyway.


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