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Fairfield County Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Bridgeport

May 9, 2024

Prayer of Thanks

Even in grief and suffering, we should never neglect to say thank you. As strange as it may seem, gratitude is a force for healing. It cleanses us of anger and animosity and puts us in a state of mind where hope and comfort can be found. Even though you may not feel grateful most of the time, just saying the words can lead you to a place of peace. Because you never know when joy will break through the clouds just when you need it the most. The following prayer comes from the Franciscan Mission Associates. Say it often:

Prayer of Thanks

I give thanks to You, Lord,
for you are with me.
When I walk in darkness,
You are there.
When I kneel in weakness,
You are there.
When I search for Your grace,
You are there.
When I rejoice in
a new blessed day,
You are there.
I give thanks to you, Lord,
for You are with me always!


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