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May 7, 2024

“Lord, may I recognize your personal love for me today in my life.”
— Rena

Rena spent her life working in the FBI, but there was one thing more important to her than her career. It was her faith. She was active in her church and had a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. She was also a regular volunteer at Birthright. And she always encouraged her friends to watch for the working of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives, because He was always at work even when they didn’t realize it.

Rena's LifeOne prayer she said every day and encouraged others to say went like this: “Lord, may I recognize your personal love for me today in my life.” She said this was very important, especially when we’re suffering … especially when we’re suffering the pain that comes with grief. Note, the prayer says “personal love,” which means it is God’s love intended just for you.

She knew that God continually manifests himself to us in different ways that often go unrecognized. You see, God is always trying to get our attention, but most people don’t realize it, or they’re so distracted by the humdrum of life that they’re too busy to look.

If you pause and say the prayer, you will see signs of his personal love when you need encouragement, comfort and consolation. For example, an oriole may light on the branch of a tree and start singing as you’re looking out the window. Or when you feel so discouraged you don’t think you can go on, you may get a call from a dear friend … or go to the mailbox and find a greeting card someone has sent.

Many people refer to these occurrences as “God incidences,” which writer Marilyn Trott described as “inexplicable, uncanny, timely and especially appropriate happenings.” For Rena, they were examples of God doing what He does best … sharing his love.


If you slow down and are observant, you will recognize God’s grace at work in your life in each moment, even in times of suffering.

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