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April 26, 2024

“Oh hummingbird, mankind was waiting for you to come flying along.
Heavenly songbird, lend us your wings, let us soar in the atmosphere…
Lift us up to the Heaven of holiness.”

— Seals & Crofts

Every morning, when Jake woke up, he went downstairs and sat in the living room and started scrolling through the morning headlines on his iPad. Then, he’d notice something out of the corner of his eye in the garden. Outside was a ruby-throated hummingbird flitting from flower to flower in the garden. He hadn’t seen a hummingbird in years, and yet there it was, extracting nectar from the lavender flowers of the hostas. As he got up and went to the window, the hummingbird paused and approached him out of curiosity before flying off. The next morning, the same ritual occurred again at precisely 6:24 and the day after that, just as the morning breezes were beginning to blow through the garden.

HummingbirdCould it be a sign? Did it have something to do with his friend Tito’s death? All sorts of thoughts were bouncing around his head with the serendipity of that tiny iridescent green bird with a red throat. He did some Internet research and discovered hummingbirds beat their wings 100 times a second. It could hover, fly up and down and backward.

Some writers said hummingbirds were “spiritual messengers” who bring hope from deceased loved ones and promote healing. Could Tito possibly be sending him a message that he was OK? He wasn’t sure, but all things are possible. One writer said an encounter with a hummingbird is a reminder of “those who have died and is thought to be a message from Heaven that your loved one is safe and happy in the arms of God.” They also said that the hummingbird “symbolizes the splendor and glory of God and his wondrous works.”

The next morning he went downstairs earlier than usual … and the hummingbird was waiting for him.


On your healing journey, God will reach out to you in many and varied ways.

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