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March 9, 2024

“When the darkness creeps in, I choose to lighten it with joy.”
— Author unknown

ButterflySometimes when you’re overwhelmed with grief, and your mind is racing between what you have to do, what you should do and what you didn’t do, it’s best to pause and take a deep breath — or maybe two or three — and refocus. What exactly does that mean? It doesn’t mean to focus on the fear that everything is falling apart. No, it means to take time and assess your life and look at the little things that make it meaningful … even when you’re suffering.

The attitude of gratitude generally starts when we pause to look at everything we have that we typically take for granted. These are usually the things that hold our lives together and add purpose to it. So for a change, concentrate on the small stuff.

In her book, “Things to Look Forward To: 52 Large and Small Joys for Today and Every Day,” author and illustrator Sophie Blackall offers some suggestions on “how to make the most of our time here on Earth.” Starting with suggestions like “Patting a friendly dog,” “Collecting pebbles” that you find walking on the beach, “moving the furniture around” and “scattering wildflower seeds” for everything from cornflowers to Queen Anne’s lace, clover and black-eyed Susans. Then, you’ll be able to watch them grow into a festive array of flowers in your yard.


On your healing journey, look for the simple small things that will help you find joy. It will take time, but during that time, you will be moving forward without even noticing it.

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