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Fairfield County Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Bridgeport

March 7, 2024

“For many of us prayer means nothing more than speaking with God. And since it usually seems to be a quite one-sided affair, prayer simply means talking to God.”
— Henri J.M. Nouwen

Talk with GodConversations are an important part of life. Our days are filled with conversations. We talk to our coworkers about projects. We talk to our doctors, our friends, our family members, our pastors, our neighbors. The fellow in the post office, the waiter at the restaurant, the cashier at TJ Maxx, the butcher in the supermarket, the members of our book club, our therapist, the bank teller. Many of our conversations are commonplace. We might argue about politics, about our faith, about issues like COVID and climate change.

After you lose someone you’ll want to talk about your loss and how it has affected your life. It’s always better to talk than to hold your pain inside because God will put people in your path who have gone through the same trial and can help by listening sympathetically and being there when you need to cry. Take advantage of those opportunities because someday another person will look to you for compassion when they’ve lost someone.

There are two other conversations that you should welcome when you’re grieving. Talk to the one you’ve lost. Many people continue this dialogue for the rest of their life. The one we have lost is surely listening and will want to see you make progress in your healing journey. So talk to them.

The other one you should converse with regularly is God. Tell him what’s on your mind and hold nothing back. He already knows everything, but it’s good if he hears it from you … even the angry parts. God is an infinitely patient and compassionate listener. You’ve heard that saying, “Before you go to bed, give your worries to God. He will be up all night anyway.” Try it.


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